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Complementary Feeding - Quantity
Complementary Feeding - Quantity:
Bangladesh National Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF)

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Breastfeeding and Complementary Feeding

Alive & Thrive produced a set of six television spots with key messages on breastfeeding and complementary issues for the campaign. A round of concept testing helped pinpoint the emotional appeals that would grab people's attention and motivate them to adopt sound infant and young child feeding practices. The TV spots each tell a story featuring people who influence feeding practices such as mother-in-laws, fathers, and health care providers. They focus on six themes identified as gaps in current practices.

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HealthPhone: Complementary Feeding - Quantity

Bengaliবাংলা - Bangla - Bengali — Bangladesh, India — with English subtitles

Bangladesh National Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF)

Provides the proper amounts of food to give children at various ages to ensure optimal growth and development. One of a series of commercials produced as part of a national campaign for infant and young child feeding in Bangladesh.

This story is about the result of proper food quantity for nutritional supply. As the TV spot starts, we see Tumpa's name is announced as the first prize winner in the annual race competition of her school. One of the guardians asks Tumpa's mother what she fed her daughter to make her so good at studies and sports. Tumpa's mother told her how she provided Tumpa the proper amount of food at various stages, particularly till 2 years of age. That proper diet and amount ensured the optimal growth and development of her daughter. Tumpa gives away the medal to her mother as she thinks her mother is the best mother and the real source of her success. The happy mother is honored by her champion daughter with the special gift.

The TV spot addresses the importance of age-appropriate proper food quantity for the baby
Alive & Thrive

Produced by: Alive and Thrive - Bangladesh

HealthPhone: Complementary Feeding - Quantity

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9 January, 2015


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