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Alive & Thrive - Viet Nam

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Viet Nam experienced impressive economic growth and rapid reductions in poverty over the last decade, but malnutrition persists. Nearly one-third of children under 5 in Viet Nam are stunted and only 17 percent of infants under 6 months of age are exclusively breastfed.

Intensive Alive & Thrive activities such as timely and targeted counseling will reach the parents of children 0-24 months old in 15 provinces. Through the use of mass media, A&T will reach an additional 1.5 million of the target population across all 63 provinces.

No water
: Emphasizes the need to feed only breastmilk and no water for the first 6 months.

Breastmilk only: Encourages mothers to exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months.

Early initiation of breastfeeding: UNICEF, WHO, the Ministry of Health's Centre for Health Education in Viet Nam, and A&T funded this spot on early initiation during World Breastfeeding Week 2010.

Iron-rich Foods: Encourages mothers to breastfeed and feed iron-rich foods every day to be healthy and intelligent.


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Alive & Thrive

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Alive & Thrive Viet Nam Series

Breastmilk is enough for first 6 months
Breastmilk is Enough for First 6 Months

No water, breastfeed only
No Water, Breastfeed Only

Early initiation of breastfeeding
Early Initiation of Breastfeeding

Iron-rich Foods
Iron-rich Foods

Watch More Videos — BreastfeedingNutrition and Growth Library

26 July, 2013


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