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Our apps: Poshan | Food & Nutrition | Nutrition Handbook

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HealthPhone™ Nutrition Handbook Mobile Apps

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Get HealthPhone Nutrition Handbook Apps

These apps are adapted from the Nutrition Handbook for the Family published by FAO-Nepal.


Translators Without Borders With special thanks to Translators Without Borders who support humanitarian work around the world and help save lives. They are a key partner in translating our videos and documents into Indian languages.

Poshan | Nutrition Mobile Apps

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These apps reinforce the following key messages:

  • Personal and household hygiene

  • Keeping food safe and clean

  • Foods are very important for the body

  • Iron makes the body strong

  • Vitamin A keeps the body healthy

  • Iodine makes the body function properly

  • Food for pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers

  • Feeding babies aged 0-6 months

  • Feeding young children aged over 6 months

  • Feeding school-age children and youth

  • Food and care for older people

  • Feeding sick people

  • Preventing and managing malnutrition

Our apps: Poshan | Food & Nutrition | Nutrition Handbook

26 November, 2017


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