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Our apps: Poshan | Food & Nutrition | Nutrition Handbook

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HealthPhone™ Poshan | Nutrition Mobile Apps

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The Poshan | Nutrition videos, included within each of these apps, address issues of status of women, the care of pregnant women and children under two, breastfeeding and the importance of a balanced diet, health and simple changes in nutritional care practices that can notably enhance nutrition levels.

Poshan mobile apps

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These mobile apps provide health and nutrition education through repetition of messages using drama vignettes of children with problems due to previous malnutrition – and the emphasis that the damage done by malnutrition in early life is largely permanent. Produced by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India and UNICEF, this series of 41 videos in 18 Indian languages reinforce the following key messages:

  • Expecting mothers should get the correct diet and 25% more than usual.

  • Mother’s first milk is the best, do not throw it away, make sure the child gets it.

  • For the first 6 months the child should only be fed mother’s milk and nothing else.

  • When the child enters the 7th month, balance mother’s milk with a nutritious diet.

Our apps: Poshan | Food & Nutrition | Nutrition Handbook

21 November, 2017


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