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Newborn Care
Newborn Care — Khmer

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Newborn Care — Khmer

Watch Newborn Care Videos in Khmer - វីដេអូអំពីការថែទាំទារកទើបកើត

Newborns die at alarming rates in the developing world, nearly 3 million every year. Most can be saved with low-cost, low-tech interventions. Our newborn care series brings alive these lifesaving interventions in a memorable and engaging way to help health workers learn and save newborn lives.

The newborn care series provides our target audience of frontline health workers with visual clinical guidelines for training and review in the clinic setting. We have drawn primarily on the following international standards of care: Care of the Newborn Reference Manual, Save the Children, 2004; Managing Newborn Problems, WHO, 2003; and Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses Chart Booklet, WHO, 2011.

The content has been reviewed by newborn care experts—pediatricians and midwives with extensive experience in developing countries. Field-testing was done in focus groups with frontline health workers all over the world.

The films are meant as complementary training tools, covering the key points of topics that can be visually conveyed. We suggest they be used in pre-service and in-service education and be kept by health workers for review in their clinic settings.

The films are voiced over to allow for narration in other languages. The completed newborn care series will consist of 35+ videos.

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Videos for PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in .mp4 format and video scripts in .doc and .pdf formats may be downloaded from each video page.

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Newborn Care — Khmer

Newborn Care: The Cold Baby - Khmer - ទារកដែលមានភាពត្រជាក់
The Cold Baby

Newborn Care: Skin Infection - Khmer - ការបង្ករោគនៅលើស្បែក
Skin Infection

Newborn Care: The Hot Baby - Khmer - ទារកឡើងកម្តៅ
The Hot Baby

Newborn Care: Feeding with a Gastric Tube - Khmer - ការផ្តល់អាហារដោយប្រើទុយោចូលក្នុងក្រពះ
Feeding with a Gastric Tube

Newborn Care: Referring a Sick Baby - Khmer - ការបញ្ជូនទារកឈឺ
Referring a Sick Baby

Newborn Care: Umbilical Infections - Khmer - ការបង្ករោគលើទងផ្ចិត
Umbilical Infections

Watch More Videos — Safe Motherhood and Newborn Health Library

22 July, 2014


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