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The Story of Cholera: Telugu
The Story of Cholera: Telugu

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Watch More Videos — Diarrhoea Library
HealthPhone: The Story of Cholera: Telugu

Teluguతెలుగు - Telugu — India

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The Story of Cholera is an engaging, educational animation in which a young boy helps a health worker save his father and then guides his village in preventing cholera from spreading. By making the invisible cholera germs visible, this simple animated narrative brings to life the teaching points of cholera prevention.

The four-minute animation covers cholera transmission, prevention, signs, and care in a simple and accessible way. The film follows evidence-based guidelines, consistent with messages already in place in Haiti. Earlier versions have been field-tested, as well as reviewed for accuracy and content.

This film makes visible the invisible cholera germs as a young boy shows how to help the sick and guides his village in preventing the spread of cholera.

The film shows how to make the basic homemade oral rehydration solution using sugar, salt, and safe water as these items were felt to be most widely available. However, a solution prepared with a readymade ORS packet is the first choice if supplies are available.

The Global Health Media Project collaborated with award-winning animator Yoni Goodman to produce The Story of Cholera. Developed in response to the devastating cholera epidemic that began in Haiti a year ago, the animation helps affected populations around the world better understand cholera and how to prevent it from spreading.
Global Health Media Project
Produced by: Global Health Media Project in collaboration with award-winning animator Yoni Goodman.

HealthPhone: The Story of Cholera: Telugu

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23 July, 2014


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