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Diarrhoeal and respiratory infections kill over 3.5 million children under the age of five every year. Hand washing with soap is the most effective and an inexpensive way to prevent these deaths. It can save the lives of 1.2 million children every year. The tippy tap is a low cost, low tech, low water, hands-free device to promote hand washing with soap.

HealthPhone: Tippy Tap: It's in your hands

The tippy tap is a hands free way to wash your hands that is especially appropriate for rural areas where there is no running water. It is operated by a foot lever and thus reduces the chance for bacteria transmission as the user touches only the soap. It uses only 40 millilitres of water to wash your hands versus 500 millilitres using a mug. Additionally, the used "waste" water can go to plants or back into the water table.

While the tippy tap is a great technology, it is just that – a technology. It is important to recognise that there is a difference between great technology and adoption of the technology. However, it is a great tool that can help kick start the conversation about hand washing with soap and help increase this behaviour. And it does so in a fun and easy manner that is especially appealing to children.

The first 'official' tippy tap was built in the eighties by Dr. Jim Watt in Zimbabwe using a gourd. Since then, many variations have come into existence depending on local materials and aesthetics.

For more information about how to use the tippy tap as part of hand washing promotion campaign, please click here.


Produced by: Grampari & Watershed Management Group

HealthPhone: Build a tippy tap manual

Build a tippy tap manualWant to build a tippy tap? Want to teach someone else how to? Here is a graphical manual that works for both literate and illiterate populations.

Download 1 page pdf

English Manual
Hindi Manual
Marathi Manual
French Manual
Portuguese Manual
Spanish Manual
Afrikaans Manual

Click to view and download other Posters

Watch More Videos — Hygiene Library

27 June, 2014


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