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HealthPhone™ is a project of
The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust
a U.S. 501(c)(3) non profit organization.


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Contact us and let us know how you would like to join us:

What needs to be done?

Video Content Production

In 2014-2015 we will produce 2 series on nutrition and malnutrition

Video Content Translation
We continue to expand our reach by translating existing videos

Video Content Aggregation and Curation
We continue to review, evaluate and add good 'how-to' content and expand our video library. If you have suitable video content that you would like distributed, kindly contact us.

We aim to reach all major mobile networks and service providers worldwide

We aim to work with all major manufacturers and brands to pre-load HealthPhone in their mobile devices

We will expand our reach and work with more government networks

We continue to reach more influencers through private and publict organized networks: school teachers, priests and others with influence over mothers and families.


We continue to promote HealthPhone and give it greater exposure and visibility

Link to Us
Feel free to use any of our standard sized link icons and banners

How can we do it with your help?

Hundreds of millions of women own or have access to a mobile phone. We need to reach them and make the knowledge in the health and nutrition video library of HealthPhone available to them.

With your help, we can reach them and provide them the knowledge they need to protect themselves and prevent disease in their families.

What help can you give?

Assist us with:

Content Production
Video Content

Contact us and let us know how you would like to join us:

8 May, 2015


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