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Somali version of Food for Life: Breastfeeding

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Food For Life

Women of child bearing age, infants and young children are the most nutritionally vulnerable. Bringing knowledge of methods to improve diet to both health workers and the communities can save lives and prevent illness and stunting.

HealthPhone: Naas-nuujinta

SomaliSomali - Af-Soomaali - اللغة الصومالية - Watch in Swahili - English - French
Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia

Translation thanks to Aidarus Khalif and Fouzia Ismail and Abdirahman Dahir Aden at the Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association (SLNMA)

Medical Aid Films

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HealthPhone: Naas-nuujinta

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Watch More Videos — Breastfeeding Library

20 January, 2014


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