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Sida loo qorsheeyo uurka
Sida loo qorsheeyo uurka

Somali version of Understanding Your Body: How to Plan a Pregnancy

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Understanding Your Body

Many women across Africa are denied the right to make informed decisions regarding their bodies and fertility. Education on basic reproductive health and the various methods to plan pregnancies can help to reduce unnecessary deaths.

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HealthPhone: Sida loo qorsheeyo uurka

SomaliSomali - Af-Soomaali - اللغة الصومالية - Watch in English - Swahili - French
Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia

This film is aimed at teenagers and young adults and presents the various methods available to plan a pregnancy.

Translation thanks to Aidarus Khalif and Fouzia Ismail and Abdirahman Dahir Aden at the Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association (SLNMA)

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HealthPhone: Sida loo qorsheeyo uurka

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20 January, 2014


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