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Social Marketing - Complete
Social Marketing - Complete

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Watch More Videos — Timing Births
HealthPhone: Social Marketing - Complete

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Social Marketing for Spacing Methods

This documentary aims to document the best practices, lessons learned and recommendations developed over the course of IFPS Project's and ITAP's work in Social Marketing to increase availability, accessibility and affordability of contraceptive products to the rural markets. The film highlights the achievements of numerous state and district partners who played an integral role in the design and implementation of the family planning and reproductive and child health programs.


- Increased condoms sales from 124 million pieces in 2005 to 257 million pieces in 2011 oral pills sales from 3.99 million cycles in 2005 to 6.89 million cycles in 2011 in rural UP as part of the social marketing project

- Doubled condom market in UP from 213 million pieces in 2005 to 439 million pieces in 2011 through the social marketing project

- Reached out to an estimated 1.5 million men and 700,000 women, over 20,000 anganwadi workers, 30,000 retailers and 6000 gram panchayat members through social marketing activities

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The Innovations in Family Planning Services (IFPS) Technical Assistance Project (ITAP) implemented by Palladium and facilitated multi-sectoral dialogue, strategic information analysis and use, in-country capacity building and implementation assistance to the government of India and three northern states in improving family planning indicators in the country. A major thrust for ITAP was to develop, design, demonstrate, document, and disseminate innovative public-private partnership (PPP) models and financing strategies that reach the poor and vulnerable communities with family planning services. The project piloted six innovative and scalable PPP models in three states of North India (Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand) from 2005-2012.


Produced by: Palladium
USAID funded IFPS Technical Assistance Project

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Watch More Videos — Timing Births Library

27 June, 2014


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