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Newspaper — Nutrition | Poshan — Konkani
Newspaper — Nutrition | Poshan — Konkani

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Watch More Videos — Nutrition and Growth Library
HealthPhone: Newspaper — Nutrition | Poshan — Konkani

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A newspaper delivery man declares "Malnutrition, Quit India".

The purpose of this video is to encourage the community to come together to take a pledge to fight malnutrition.

It is intended for the community at large.

The Story:

A man on a bicycle is delivering newspapers. He hurls a newspaper roll to a house and shouts "Malnutrition, quit India".

The war on malnutrition has started, so that our nation's future, our children's future, can become strong. Come, join us and declare "Malnutrition, Quit India".

Malnutrition is lack of right nutrition. A child is specially most prone to the dangers of malnutrition from the time of its conception till two years of its age which is very important period for the overall growth. Today, nearly every second child in India is a victim of malnutrition. It means they are physically and mentally weak due to which they are targets to many ailments, deformities, disabilities and allergies affecting normal growth mentally and physically. So we should jointly wage a war against malnutrition.

Ministry of Women and Child Development
Produced by:
Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India
with active support from UNICEF and other development partners.

HealthPhone: Newspaper — Nutrition | Poshan — Konkani

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25 March, 2017


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