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Tiranga — Nutrition | Poshan — Manipuri
Tiranga — Nutrition | Poshan — Manipuri

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Watch More Videos Watch More Videos — Nutrition and Growth Library

Watch More Videos — Nutrition and Growth Library
HealthPhone: Tiranga — Nutrition | Poshan — Manipuri

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Encourage expectant parents to get the Mother and Child Protection Card. The three colours of the weight chart tells them how healthy their child is.

The purpose of this video is to encourage the community to take action to prevent malnutrition. It explains the use of the Mother & Child Protection Card: A simple yet powerful card that helps you to consistently monitor the nutrition and growth of your child.

It is intended for the community at large.

The Story:

A political leader is giving a speech in a village outside Anganwadi Kendra and a group of villagers have collected to listen.

He says "It's taken a lot of us to win independence and to see our tricolour flag fly high. And to keep this flag flying high is a matter of great pride. We need to remember another tricolour. The three colours of the Mother and Child Protection Card's weight chart, which tells us how healthy a child is. So always remember this tricolour."

That's right! Make sure you visit the Aanganwadis as soon as you know you're expecting and get your Mother and Child Protection Card. Also make sure you get your child weighed by the Aanganwadi every month till your child is 3 years old.

The Anganwadi Centre is the place to go and say malnutrition you are not welcome anymore.

Malnutrition is a lack of the right nutrients in the body.

A child is specially prone to the dangers of malnutrition from the time of its conception till two years of age. This is a very important period for overall long-term growth.

Malnutrition in India

Malnutrition in children and women remains as one of the greatest challenges in India. Malnutrition remains a major threat to the survival, growth and development of children.

Today, nearly every second child in India is a victim of malnutrition. It means they are physically and mentally weak due to which they are targets to many ailments, deformities, disabilities and allergies affecting normal growth mentally and physically. So we should jointly wage a war against malnutrition!

Ministry of Women and Child Development
Produced by:
Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India
with active support from UNICEF and other development partners.

HealthPhone: Tiranga — Nutrition | Poshan — Manipuri

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27 May, 2014


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